Establishment of School Library in Jhajjar, Haryana, Part 2

……………………….Journey begins from campus of IIT Delhi


We assembled at the Visitor’s parking of IIT Delhi around 7-45 AM. There was a 14 seater tempo traveler and 5 cars. Anil of IIT Delhi canteen served hot and packed breakfast consisting of Idli, Cutlets, Kolkatta laddu, kaju barfi, orange juice and bottled water. While people munched away at the hot breakfast, I went in a car to Prof Sanjeev Sanghi and Vikas went to pick up Prof B K Behera and Mrs Behera. Unfortunately, Mrs Neelam Sanghi could not make it. Mr Vinod Kumar Yadav shortly arrived in his car. Shortly thereafter videographer Mr….and his team arrived. The caravan left the campus around 8-30 AM. Vinod Kumar Yadav(IITD) went ahead to pick up Mt Mr Rohit Koshy(IITD) from near his Gurgaon home as also Shashank Sonal(IITD).  Around the same time, Mr Rajender Yadav, Dy General Manager, ONGC, born in and belonging to the village Palra itself, began the journey independently from his home in Gurgaon. Prof Vivek Kumar of Rural Department had to opt out at last moment because of some problems at home.


Persons included:

Prof Sanjeev Sanghi, Dean AAIP, IITD

Prof Sanjeev Sanghi with family

Prof B K Behera, Director, Centre of Excellence in Textile Technology, IIT D

Prof B K Behera with family

Anand Bhushan (IIT Kharagpur)

Rekha Bhushan (IIT Roorkee)

Rekha and Anand Bhushan

Prof Aizaz Mir (NIT Srinagar)

Prof Aizaz Mir

Mr Rajender Yadav, Dy Gen Manager, ONGC

Sh Rajender Yadav

Rohit Koshy (IITD)

Rohit Koshy

Dr Asit Kumar Parida (IITD)

Dr Asit Kumar Parida

Vinod Kumar Yadav (IITD)

Vinod Yadav with daughter

Shashank Sonal (IITD)

Shashank Sonal

Vikas Khatkar, Ph.D scholar (IITD)

Vikas Khatkar

Sandeep Ohlan, Ph.D scholar (IITD)

Sandeep Ohlan

Zunjar Kamble, Ph.D scholar (IITD)

Zunjar Kamble

Vivek Jayan, Research Associate (IITD)

Shivangi Shukla, M Tech student (IITD)

Preeti Saini, B Tech student (IITD)  

Preeti Saini

Lekhani Tripathi , Ph.D scholar (IITD)

Lekhni Tripathi

Vini Meena, B Tech student (IITD)

Vinnie Meena

Renu Kumari, B Tech student (IITD)

Renu Kumari

Vijay Laxme, B Tech student (IITD)

Vijay Lakshmi

Sonu Gupta, B Tech student (IITD)

Sonu Gupta

Mamta Jat B Tech student (IITD)

Mamta Jat

Ram Nath, Computer specialist, (My Factory)

Ram Nath

continued to Part 3………..

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