Establishment of School Library in Jhajjar, Haryana, Part 3

From IIT Campus, we proceeded to Palra via Gurugram, onto Pataudi Road and then on to Jhajjar via Farooq Nagar. It was enjoyable, scenic 2 hour journey through green country side with glorious views of flowering mustard fields, on either side of the road. Stopping over at Hotel Neelkanth, Jhajjar, proved very refreshing with hot tea, coffee and eats.

Hotel Neelkanth
Prof Sanjeev Sanghi, Mrs B K Behera & and Mrs Rekha Bhushan
Group Photo Outside Neelkanth

Welcome at Palra

We had 8 kM to go to Palra. While I and Sh Vinod Yadav went ahead others followed about 10 minutes behind. A wonderful reception awaited us there-even pictures cant tell it all !

Waiting with garlands in hand
IIT-ians Arrive
Prof Sanjeev Sanghi Being garlanded
Prof B K Behera being Garlanded
Principal Sh Balwan Singh accompanies Prof Sanjeev Sanghi & Sh Anand Bhushan looks on

The Inauguration

We all proceeded direct to the inauguration site, where pretty school girls in beautiful dresses were awaiting, right behind the ribbon.

Waiting for IIT-ians
Prof Sanjeev Sanghi approaching
Prof Sanjeev Sanghi & Prof B K Behera have scissors ready
And it is done!

You thought that was over?–the village has long procedures of welcome! It was now time for ’tilak’ or ‘abhishek’, as it is called in Sanskrit

Tilak Ceremony

Tilak on Prof Sanjeev Sanghi
Tilak on Prof B K Behera
Tilak on Mr M M Puri
Tilak on Mr Anand Bhushan
Tilak on Mr Upadhyaya

Drawing the curtain

After this, there was Muhn Meetha to be done and everybody got to eat a sweets. Drawing of the curtain covering the inaugural plaques, was the next step.

Prof Sanjeeev Sanghi pulling the cord
Posing after the inauguration
The Inaugural Plaque-a close up
Mrs B K Behera,Mr Balwan Singh, Prof Sanjeev Sanghi, Prof B K Behera, left to right
The inaugural Plaque

Worship of the Goddess of learning

Library being the abode of Goddess Saraswati, offering prayers to her came next. Her picture was installed right in front of the Library and one by one we all went there to light a Diya (light) in respect of Her.

Prof Sanjeev Sanghi lighting Diya before Goddess Saraswati
Anand Bhushan bowing before Goddess Saraswati
Mr M M Puri lighting Diya before Goddess Sarawati
Mr M M Puri offering flowers to Goddess Saraswati
Prof Aizaz Mir lighting a Diya
Mrs B K Behera offering respects to Goddess Saraswati
Mr M M Puri lighting Diya before Goddess Saraswati
Mrs Rekha Bhushan offering respects to Goddess Saraswati

Continued to Part 4, Inside the Library…………….

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