Establishment of School Library in Jhajjar, Haryana- Part 1

Many friends have appreciated the establishment of the library at Jhajjar and asked me to detail its story. Here it is:


The year 1938 saw the birth of Jayant Narlikar, Astro Physicist; Shiela Dikshit, politician; Shashi Kapoor, Film Star; Dom Moraes, Poet; Girish Karnad, film Director. It also saw the birth of comic hero ‘Superman”. That year, George the VI was the Emperor of the British Empire and Victor Hope was the Viceroy of India. Recession had hit America. Times had put Adolf Hitler on its cover. Theaters were playing “Bazigar”. Prithvi Raj Kapoor was 34 and shooting for “Sikandar”.

It also saw….

…………… my Father, Sh. Rameshwar Dial, PCS (for Provincial Civil Service-like IAS of today), (1906-1986), then a Judge; found a school in his obscure native Haryana village, exclusively to educate and to teach vocational skills (sewing, embroidery) to girls only. In his founding speech, he said: “mother is the prime educator of child, if mothers are educated, India will be educated,” adding that, “emancipation of women is possible only if they become financially independent”-so he taught them skills. He also insisted that his school will not accept donations (called chanda in Hindi) and supported it from his salary. Practice before you preach, he said. There was a provincial essay competition on “Education”. His essay was adjudged the best. In those days, province meant entire Punjab-including the Punjab state now in Pakistan, Punjab now in India, today’s Haryana, Himachal & Delhi (for judiciary).

Rameshwar Dial (1906-1986)

Hard to believe…

……………………but such a man was he. He did not hit the headlines, possibly because Judges stay aloof & away from press- but sometimes, in a reflective mood, he shared the lines below with me:-

“Many a flower are born to bloom unseen,

 and lose their scent in the desert air”

In 1986, in his memory we-his 7 children-4 IIT-ians- made a room in the school and established a library there in. He loved Libraries, always had one at our home and it was his most prized possession.

The Library………..

…………………in Village Palra, District Jhajjar, had its roots, there. The village itself was selected because of its proximity to a 1000 acre Wild Life Sanctuary-nature being another of his passions, William Wadsworth his favourite poet. My not seeking outside funds, is a tribute I owe to him.

My young friend, Vinod Kumar Yadav, a person devoted to social service, an IIt-ian, did much of ground work and greatly influenced the choice of this particular village. Now the story:

  1. Journey Begins from IIT Delhi
  2. Stop over at Jhajjar
  3. Village Heads Await IIT-ians
  4. IIT-ians arrive
  5. Welcome at School Gate
  6. Ribbon Ceremony
  7. Tilak Ceremony
  8. Muhn Meetha
  9. Frontage
  10. Saraswati Puja
  11. Inside Library
  12. From Library Window
  13. The Dias
  14. Pagri Paharana
  15. Dushala Pahrana
  16. Gifts by Village Heads to IT-ians
  17. Gifts by IIT-ians to Village Heads
  18. Speaches
  19. Visit to Nature Reserve.

continued to part 2………………….

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  1. Sir. This is amazing . First of all I would like to congratulate those students who are blessed with your guidance and support.

    People like can do wonders in the field of School Education ,specialy Govt. Schools in Haryana.

    I’m thankful to Fb that I came to know about people like you.
    Sweety Bharti

    Gsss Gorawar

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